Moving! …..Again.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m awful!

For whatever reason, I can’t stick with a certain name. It gets old, or it gets difficult to match it on social media outlets, or it just doesn’t seem to fit. Originally, when I started out trying to do Twitch (I don’t have enough time), ErinOrgana fit pretty well.

As time went on, however, it got stale. I had built a bunch of designs for Twitch specifically, etc. etc. and now it’s……well it’s just not working.

So I decided that instead of moving forward to yet another new name, I would revert back to an old name. A name that I’ve always liked, and a name that I chose when I first STARTED gaming. My old AE name. And I’ve been able to put it to different social media outlets, it’s my gamertag on Xbox Live, etc. I’ve always loved that name. For the life of me, I can’t remember WHY I went from AE to Vivid….oh wait, yes I do remember. An escape attempt. Well I ain’t escaping anymore. It’s been several years and I’m simply too old, too tired, and too pregnant about whatever negativity that name might carry. If people want to continue to hold grudges against that name, more power to ’em. I, on the other hand, have always loved that name, and I will be more than happy to take it up again. Hell, some people didn’t stop calling me AE.

So, as such, of course….whenever a new name is created, or an old one reverted back to, that means new links. So yes, I’ve created yet another blog (trust me……I don’t like this constant moving crap, and dammit I’m gonna be done after this move), updated accounts to reflect the new name, etc. etc.

So, xXAngelicEvilXx is back……on another blog….and you can feel free to head over there and follow that one, because in a week or two, this one will disappear. Sadly, as I said, that name didn’t seem to fit. It doesn’t carry the weight of my gaming for so many friggin’ years. It’s time to let it go I think. AE was always who my persona was online, and it’s past time I go back to it.

So here’s the blog, head on over, give it a follow, content will be coming soon, as will spiffy graphics and such. As permitted with time. As for the houses……man….I think I wanna start fresh in that area. I’ve moved the damn houses and downloads quite a damn lot. I know there’s an export/import I can do….but this entire process is making me a wee bit lazy.

I’ll see you over there. ErinOrgana, signing off!


A couple Sims 3 glitches…

As a simmer, you know you’re undoubtedly going to find a bug somewhere. It may be big, it may be small, but everyone experiences one eventually, and depending on the kind it is, it either won’t be a big deal and you can still play through it, or it’ll be this big catastrophe that screws up your entire gaming mojo. It depends on you and your preference, and it depends on your current sim household.

I ran into two problems, both in the area of gardening. Normally, I wouldn’t give a crap. But my current sim is big into gardening, cooking, and making nectar. Those three things together led to these glitches being a big deal. Well, one more than the other. The two I ran into was even with her having mastered gardening, she never got the Uncommonly Good opportunity, which would eventually take her through two more opportunities that would end with her being able to grow the Omni Plant. After some frustration (I Googled, I moved her out of her house and back in, I moved her to a couple different towns, and I even created a brand new sim from scratch hoping that it was just her – none of which worked by the way), I finally found a fix. Originally, I was searching online for things like “phone rings, nothing happens” and “no uncommonly good opportunity” and those things led me to solutions that didn’t work, or weren’t my problem. It wasn’t until I stopped being an ass and searched for the fact that my sim would automatically refuse whoever had called. She would answer her phone, and automatically say no and hang up, without my say so, and without me being able to do anything. Turns out, this was a bug introduced in Into the Future, the expansion I had just purchased and started playing. Thankfully, simmers still do the work of an awful EA team, and had made a mod that fixed it. It solved the problem instantly, and my sim now has Omni Plants growing in her garden.

The other issue? Eh. This one apparently appeared around the time of Supernatural, and needs Debug Enabler or Twallan’s Overwatch (not against mods, but I am against having a lot, and only get them when it’s become such a problem that I need to. I haven’t reached that point yet). Basically, after winter when the plants go dormant, when they thaw out again, they are in Harvest phase, but there is no produce to harvest. This I can fix by just planting anew in the Spring or Summer, and extending out the seasons to make up for it. Or you can just…..eliminate seasons that can bring dormancy. I choose not to, because I love having four seasons, especially winter. So this is something I can deal with. Since my plants are perfect, I can deal with that.

I would have had the first problem fixed entirely if I had done a better Google search, so I’m sorta kicking myself for that, ha!


This woman loves to cook, and I love the wood fire oven.


I’ve done some updating to the home. What was once a one- story log cabin is now a two-story log cabin. The master suite and new laundry room are downstairs. There is a basement which houses the nectar maker, racks, and exercise equipment.


The new upstairs now has a loft area with a view of downstairs (I love open concept styles), and there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms for future children. She is currently pregnant with their first.


They seem to have a gnome infestation, which keeps adding little gnome tombstones to their yard.


It’s an invasion!!!


Christmasy Stuff


Mood: Comfy (as comfy as I can be, given the situation)

So I’ve run into yet another pregnancy issue. Possibly an issue with my round ligament, which makes walking and some other everyday things painful and rather difficult. So, I’m kind of confined to a chair, couch, or bed more than usual. The past couple of days I’ve been simming a little more (might as well do something to enjoy myself, correct?) and I made a couple of purchases from the store with my sim points. I downloaded the most up to date Legacy Island from Rflong, moved my Ellie sim there, and with my new purchases, she’s going to have a farm/nectar business going I think. 🙂

I purchased the little dairy farm, chicken coop, and the Bohemian Garden set. These three together I think will add some more great aspects of gardening. In the future, I may get the canning stuff…..and I think there was another I didn’t get….can’t remember the name. The canning thing looks pretty fun too. Just irks me sometimes that it’s part of a bigger set I have to buy, but what can you do. Anywho, Ellie is going from what was a cool little Frozen replica to a little married farmer girl and nectar creator.



I love log cabins!


It’s only a start, but it will eventually become a large ranch/farmhouse build.


Ellie and her husband Josh.


Their costume party got a little fiery.


A couple of items from the Bohemian Garden set helped make for a nice nap on a rainy day.


Gotta be festive when the snow starts to fall!


And of course, you gotta spread the holiday cheer!